The team

- Mariannick Guennec -
“Mariannick Guennec is senior Lecturer in Spanish, specialising in Costa Rica. She has been lecturing at the University of Bretagne-Sud since 1997. Since her appointment as Senior Lecturer, she has been responsible for the setting up of the Jean Monnet Module at the university and she headed an intensive European Programme specialising in law and translation during six years. This later gave rise to a Strategic Partnership between 7 European universities. She teaches grammar, translation and civilization studies in Spanish in the Department of Foreign Languages and Business Studies of which she is currently the head. In addition to these academic and research activities she is in charge of internships in the field of international trade at master's level. She was also the Vice President of international relations at the UBS (2012 - 2016) and took advantage of this position to facilitate the movement and work placement of students internationally. To date, 100% of students who have been enrolled in the course of studies at Master's Level are now in full-time employment.”

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- Mariannick Guennec -
Mariannick Guennec is senior Lecturer

The organization 

University of South Brittany (Université Bretagne Sud) was founded in 1995. It is a multidisciplinary institution with two main campuses situated in Lorient and Vannes, Brittany, France. It offers academic programmes from bachelor’s level to the doctorate in different areas: arts, social sciences, engineering, computer science, biochemistry, mathematics, law, economics and business. It has developed recognized research skills in 4 major fields: materials, costal and marine studies, social usages and practices, IT. University of South Brittany places special emphasis on: student life and welfare, innovation (e.g. new master’s programme in cyber-defence; co-op programs at all levels; new technological platform on high-performance materials); top-edge research; industry partnerships and technology transfer; and international student mobility.

International Relations
With over 120 MoUs, University of South Brittany is definitely an internationally-minded institution. It has developed collaborations on the five continents, e.g. with Canada, Argentina, Morocco, India, Malaysia or again China. It pilots two Erasmus Intensive programs and one EU-Canada Programme. It offers a one-year immersion program for prospective international students in business and two one-semester immersion programmes for Spanish-speaking students of electronics and of mechatronics. Our bottom line: quality and reliability.