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This page contains the materials.


Les formes juridiques appropriées pour l’activité professionnelle de traduction interprétation (CZ)

How to start a business (ES)

Creation of a translation office (FR)

LCC in Latvia Translation Office (LV)

Ouvrir un bureau de tracduction et enterprétation en Roumanie (RO)

Création d'un bureau de traduction em Slovaquie (SK)

Translation companies in Portugal (Pt)

Translation functions

Article translation company - Group 1

Article translation company - Group 2

Article translation company - Group 3

Article translation company - Group 4

Localization and CAT tools - Matus Jozio

Sofia Language Services Ltd. - Karla Bauerová

Interpretation: from training to practice - Pedro Duarte, Hugo Cosme;

Workshop on Remote Interpreting - Marco Furtado, Pedro Duarte;

Marketing - Jorge Pacheco;

Le métier de traducteur-interprète et la protection de la propriété intellectuelle - Hania Renaudie;

Mentoring Programmes: How to? - Ana Sofia Saldanha;

Translation in the digital and globenglishnized era: Augmented efficiency? - Alexandra Albuquerque;

Bellow, a film with Profs. Sandra Ribeiro and Isabel Ardions, about the Degree in Administrative Assistance and of the Master’s Program in Specialized Translation and Interpreting at ISCAP: